Book Blogger Hop #8

It’s time for Book Blogger Hop wich is a meme hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer. Every week you answer a question, put your link in the linky list here and read the others answer to the question. It’s a fun way to make new connections and find some new blogs to follow. This weeks question is right below:

May 31st – June 6th: What is your favorite series that you’ve finished all the books (more than 3 books) to? (submitted by Tanya)

I recently read the fifth book in the Department Q-series by Jussi Adler-Olsen, a danish crime author. I really like the series and I think there’s more books coming out. At least I hope so ;)

The books are about the police Carl and his colleagues Rose and Assad in Copenhagen Police. They have ended up in department Q where they trying to solve old cases. Every book has one mystery to solve and you also get to know the characters.

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